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Dr. Victor Korwitts
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Q: How has your life and health improved since you have begun Chiropractic Care at Korwitts Chiropractic Center?

A: I have very little pain, between the adjustments, exercises & massages-it has changed my sleeping habits, more active, and not in pain all the time.

Q: Other Comments:

A: Best Decision I made!

-Delores Baeten, Downers Grove

The reason I came to Korwitts Chiropractic was because I pulled my back while spreading salt on some ice. I was referred by my neighbor. I've been seeing Dr. K for nearly thirty years and have always had the best care and treatments. Dr. K and his staff are great! In the past adjustments and acupuncture have always helped as well as recommended exercise. My life and health have improved since I have begun Chiropractic care by following the recommended exercises and receive maintenance adjustments.

-Lydia Ferrejan, Woodridge

I started coming to Korwitts Chiropractic for shoulder and knee pain and hip issues. My life and health have improved since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic Center in that I now have no pain, easier movements and the confidence to keep active (running, cross training and karate). I wanted to comment on the MLS Laser therapy it seemed unreal that such a non-invasive treatment actually helped. Seemed too good to be true! It worked exactly as prescribed.

-William Swanson, Clarendon Hills

The reason I began having Chiropractic Care was due to a muscle spasm in my back that rendered me immobile. This was the first time this had happened but it was so severe that I couldn’t move, walk or pick up my 13 month old son. My husband had to take the day off work when it happened to take care of everything! I have had chiropractic in the past, many years ago, as a child under the care of Dr. K. Since coming back to see Dr. K I have 100% improvement! Within 2-3 visits the pain was almost gone, definitely bearable and within 2 weeks I returned to all my normal activities. The combination of chiropractic, muscle therapy and rehab that Korwitts Chiropractic manages is an amazing service – also a strong reminder of the need for healthy practice of movement throughout daily living.

-Cara Kennedy, Illinois

The reason I started receiving Chiropractic Care was for low back and groin pain. For 2 -3 months I had constant pain distracting from work/normal activities. I was taking over the counter pain medications but disliked taking so many so frequently. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic Center my pain has dissipated with adjustments and physical therapy. I feel normal and am back to my regular active self. Adjustments have also helped with my nasal congestion and allergies by clearing up my nose so I can smell and breathe again!

Kyle, Downers Grove

My primary physician and orthopedic doctor had diagnosed bursitis in my left hip. An x-ray showed the hip bones ad joint were in good shape. I was taking over the counter pain relievers twice a day as prescribed and later received a Cortisone shot. I didn’t want to be stuck taking medications and decided to look into a chiropractor. My daughter is a patient of Dr. Dan and she said that he might be able to do something for my hip. When I decided to see Dr. Dan the pain in my left hip was severe (an 8 out of 10 on a scale) making it painful to stand up and walk after sitting. This discomfort slowed me down and prevented me from wanting to do anything. After 3 MLS laser treatments the pain was considerably less. I could get up from a sitting position and walk without cringing and limping in pain. I estimate 70% improvement. There is still some weakness in my left leg. I’ve had 6 treatment so far. My spirits are up and I have a good outlook ad want to do things! I recommend MLS Laser Therapy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. It is remarkable!

Maureen, Lombard

I started receiving chiropractic care because I was having frequent migraines with constant neck and back pain. I have had treatment by other chiropractors but they were not as successful. What I found to be especially helpful by Dr. Dan and his team are the stretches and general posture tips they teach. As a patient at Korwitts Chiropractic Center in just a few short weeks my pay was gone. It is such a relief to no longer have headaches!

Marlena, Downers Grove

I've seen multiple chiropractors over the last few years, and while I appreciate how they can support my health, I've always been leery of the snaps and cracks "necessary" for the job. [They] helped my body in areas where I wasn't even aware there was a problem. Now I can enjoy breathing easier - quite literally. 

-Nicole Laza, Lisle

I have had a history of back problems since high school. Recently I was having painful spasms and was recommended to Korwitts Chiropractic by a co-worker. I never have back problems now to the extent they were before I've recommended that members of my own family come in. I'm even bringing my two year old son in with great results!

-DeAnna T. McGill, Aurora

I decided to try chiropractic care because of pain in my knees and neck. The knees began to ache after a change in medication and the pain prevented me from being able to play with my kids. I had been taking hormone replacement for 16 years and stopped abruptly due to a medical condition. There were many side effects such as hair loss, painful joints and fatigue. Now I find it easy to get out of bed in the morning. It's great starting the day with pleasure rather than pain! 

-Melanie Campillo, Westmont

I came to Korwitts Chiropractic after experiencing two days of extreme pain in my lower back. Nothing I did helped. When I walked into the office I was grimacing and wincing in discomfort. I had to hold onto the counter and couldn't even sit while waiting for my appointment. By the time I left the office I had noticeable relief. And one week later after only 4 treatments I was 85-90% improved. I was anxious to continue chiropractic care and I can happily report I am not 99.9-100% better! I especially appreciate the holistic approach to health at Korwitts Chiropractic. I learned about proper foods and diet, the need to stay hydrated, stretching exercises and the benefit of vitamin supplements. I may be 70 but I feel great!

--Michele S., Lemont

I first came to Korwitts Chiropractic in February of 2011. During a major snowstorm I hurt my low back shoveling snow. I tried to treat the pain myself through heat and over-the-counter medications but got no relief. After four days I decided I needed help. I felt better after the first treatment at Korwitts. I could bend over again and had my flexibility back. The entire staff is dedicated to relief of your pain and they always greet you with a smile. I now enjoy my regular life routine, but I still come in for adjustments monthly to maintain my flexibility. 

--Anton K., Downers Grove

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Korwitts Chiropractic on the tremendous service and care I received from the entire staff. Lisa made me feel incredibly welcome from the moment My massage therapist at Korcare was absolutely incredible in relieving my non-stop shoulder pain. This clinic truly provides exceptional total care on a very professional level. I would highly recommend Korwitts Chiropractic to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

--Dave B., Palmer, Alaska

For over two years I had constant neck stiffness and headaches. I had to use two hands to lift my head off the pillow each morning. My husband suggested I go to Korwitts Chiropractic for help as he did. Now I can turn my head with ease and if I get a headache I know I need an adjustment. As an added benefit I can now breathe through my nose!

--Diane L, Clarendon Hills

I started coming to Korwitts Chiropractic because I suffered from migraines and upper body tension. I had headaches for as long as I can remember and the upper body stiffness became worse after the birth of my second child. Now I don't spend my days in pain. I love getting adjusted and when I hear friends and family complain about headaches I recommend they see my chiropractor for help.

--Sandy D., Bolingbrook

I had a lot of issues that were addressed using adjustments, exercise, massage, acupuncture and ergonomic hints -- all which helped me immensely. I have recommended Korwitts Chiropractic to many people. I used to be uncomfortable with chiropractic medicine but now I am certain I will continue regular chiropractic care for the rest of my life.

--Susan S., Wheaton

I couldn't believe how fast I began feeling better after being adjusted and given acupuncture. 

--Jodie N., Lisle

II had previous physical therapy treatment for almost 1 year with minor results.  After working with the staff at Korwitts Chiropractic Center, my low back pain has decreased significantly and am more flexible then I ever was.  I am finally able to do my house chores with minimal discomfort!  The services were EXCELLENT with a friendly atmosphere!

--H.T., Naperville

For 2 years i was suffering with constant & severe low back pain which made it hard for me to sit comfortably and do normal daily tasks.  I received several adjustments from my previous chiropractor and was taking ALEVE, neither of which helped.  I was referred to Korwitts Chiropractic Center and all i can say is THANK YOU.  My pain has decreased tremendously and am able to sit, stand & lift.  The entire staff at KORWITTS are extremely helpful and informative.  They provide so many more solutions to helping with pain and i will be referring all my friends!

--Jennifer F., Westmont

I am glad i walked in at Korwitts Chiropractic Center!  I was suffering from low back pain for over 10 years.  I had a signficant flare up while i was at work and stopped by Korwitts Chiropractic Center for help.  My life and my health has improved greatly because of their care and more importantly, they taught me how to take care of my spine and manage my pain with specific stretches & exercises.  The combination of adjustments, massages and exercises is what i needed all along!  Thank you!

--Robert M., Downers Grove


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to pain in my right hip and lower back that lasted several months. I had to adapt my workouts quite a bit. I mostly took ibuprofen for the pain, but long term it was not an effective treatment plan. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic Center, I have noticed a reduction in headaches. Dr. K is a kind and caring man.

-Diane D., Westmont 


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to severe lower back and neck pain. The issues were constant pain and discomfort. It affected my ability to take care of my family. I did two sessions of physical therapy at other places, but they told me to take pain killers, and I did not take the pills. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic, my overall health and life have improved dramatically. All the treatments are so wonderful and helpful. I now live pain-free and pill-free. I’m sleeping, eating, and feeling amazing. I would recommend Korwitts Chiropractic and Korcare to everyone.

-Clystal M., Westmont 


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to pain from a previous shoulder injury. I had the pain on and off for about a year. It has interfered with my running schedule and regular work activities. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic, I have better rage of motion and better posture. I feel like since I began chiropractic care, I started to be more aware of my movements, and how they affect my body. 

-Nicole P., Downers Grove


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to mid back pain from skating. I do figure skating, and the pain made it hard to practice and move around after practice. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic, I feel looser. When I get adjusted, my back feels less tight. 

-Dianna P., Downers Grove 


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to low back pain and scoliosis. The low back pain started about a week before I came in. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic, my low back feels much better after several adjustments. Now I am seeing Dr. K every other week for maintenance of the scoliosis.  

-Barb C., Downers Grove 


The reason I began receiving Chiropractic Care was due to a re-aggravated shoulder injury. I had to take time off work, and it became expensive financially. Prior to seeing Dr. Korwitts, I was treated by another chiropractor for ten years. Since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic, I can continue addressing issues quickly before they get worse. The expertise and types of treatment are outstanding. The staff is always friendly and professional. 

-Lydia R., Westmont 


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